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Statement to the Public
Recently, a journalist who release a report tilted as G•Patton Tomahawk Is A Jeep WRANGLER 6x6 For China, which has brought confusions and misunderstanding to our customers. Huaxia Warriors Automotive Services Co., Ltd.(the “Company”) hereby restores the truth of false report, and solemn appeal of such acts contrary to journalistic ethics, to care and love our brand to give consumers peace of mind brand protection, and solemnly maintain the brand good image.
Stated as following:
1. The Company is the only authorized auto dealer from US Specialty Vehicles LLC (USSV) in the Greater China area. USSV has the exclusive license to use the G Patton brand in Asia, used with permission from the Patton Family c/o CMGWorldwide.com
2. Now, G-PATTON Super SUV is the only vehicle under G-PATTON brand.
3. Warrior XT, G.MAC, Tomahawk and Warhawk are other types of vehicle under another independent US off-road cars, are not belong to G-PATTON brand. 
Now, the relative press linkage will be deleted after our negotiation with the journalist. The Company will reverse legal rights to protect our brand reputation. We are asking all press friends, do not trust the unreal reports about G-PATTON, and keep supporting our G-PATTON. 
Thank you all for the support!
For more info, please visit our website as: http://g-patton.com/
Huaxia Warriors Automotive Services Co., Ltd.
September 2016
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